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Our Flooring Process:

Ultimate Interiors and Coatings specialize in the preparation of concrete surfaces and the application of the highest quality concrete floor coatings available on the market. We use only the highest grade industrial strength coatings that are guaranteed not to flake, peel or blister and are resistant against any car or household chemicals, including oil, grease, gas, paint, salt, mud, etc. The coating is also UV stable ensuring a clear long lasting shine that will not amber or blush overtime. When applied to a professionally prepared floor the chemical properties in our coating cause it to harden – not just on top of the concrete – but into the concrete, as well – bonding to it many times stronger and more solidly than any other concrete coating product available today.

This not only gives your garage floor a stunning, low-maintenance, super-tough and resilient surface, it also gives you a very attractive, permanently bonded, showroom-like finish in the colors and textures of your choice.

Our professionally trained applicators can complete your garage floor in as little as two days. Our system and professional application transforms a dirty, dusty and damaged concrete floor into a clean, durable and attractive surface that truly fits with the rest of your home.

Over 70% of the cost of having your garage floor professionally refurbished is directly related to preparing the concrete surface. Done incorrectly, the coating will prematurely fail due to poor adhesion.


Step 1: Ultimate Interiors and Coatings prepares each and every floor with our industrial diamond grinding equipment and dustless self-contained vacuum system. Diamond Grinding takes about 1/32 inch off the concrete surface to rough the surface up and open the pores in the concrete to allow our coating to penetrate and bond to the concrete.

Step 2: Cracks, pits, chips and any imperfections are filled with polymer resin to give the floor a smooth, level surface before the coating is applied.

Step 3: After the floor is prepared our first coat of a 100 % solid epoxy pigmented base is applied. Our epoxy contains NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Substances) and is no danger to the environment.

Step 4: Vinyl colored flakes are broadcasted into the base coat at 100% saturation. These flakes are left on your floor overnight to cure into the concrete.

Step 5: On day two the floor is scraped and vacuumed to remove the excess vinyl flakes. A UV resistant polyaspartic top coat is then applied over the floor. This topcoat provides abrasion and chemical resistant protection to your floor. Once completed, you will have a showroom finish that will make your garage the envy of your neighbourhood.

*as a no-charge option we recommend a slip-resistant additive be applied over the topcoat

Warranty: After completion of your floor, Ultimate Interiors and Coatings provides a written warranty so you can rest assured we stand behind the product and services we provide.

Color Options

Custom Blends available upon request.

Key Features of Ultimate Interiors and Coatings Floors

  • Aesthetics – The garage entrance has become the new front door. Wouldn’t it be nice if the garage had an attractive, easy to clean floor that reflected the beauty of your home’s interior.
  • Seals in concrete “dust” so it’s not tracked into the house
  • Easy to hose clean, even in the winter so road salt and winter dirt is not tracked into the house
  • Our coating is non-porous so dirt, road salt, food, gas and oil will not saturate or stain.
  • We use mechanical diamond abrasive surface preparation – superior to acid washing
  • Will not peel, even under hot tires. Our coating is rated for commercial use.
  • No VOC’s and minimal odor during application. Environmentally friendly “Green” coating
  • Our polyaspartic topcoat has high resistance to impact, abrasion, and extreme temperature.
  • 100% UV protection so your floor will not yellow or oxidize. We use 100% solid formulations.
  • Our coatings typically cure in 24-36 hours, quickly getting your garage back in use

Accepted Practises and Additional Charges Typical in the Floor Coating Industry

Stem Walls:The concrete or cinder block wall between the floor and the bottom of the drywall

Because of the vertical surface, grooving, pitting in the concrete, or insulation it is extremely labor intensive and time-consuming to coat these walls. We can quote this service as a separate charge which is $10.00 - $15.00/sq ft, depending on the size of the project, to coat these walls the same as the floor.

A few days before we arrive, our customers will paint the stem walls with a solid color latex paint that compliments the floor. You do not have to worry about getting paint on the floor because we will grind it off before we coat. It can even be done after we coat the floor since our coating is non-porous and latex paint can be easily be removed.

Steps to the inside of the home from the garage:

Concrete steps and “enclosed” wooden steps can be coated as part of the floor coating price. Customers should have carpeting and adhesives removed prior to installation. Handrails are not coated.

Aprons:(The 6 -12 inches of concrete that extends beyond the closed overhead door)

The coating is stopped just inside the point where the closed overhead door meets the floor. In rare instances, we can coat it out to the fiberboard separator to the driveway asphalt.

(Ultimate Interiors and Coatings do not warranty this area).

Floor Joints:

If your garage floor was constructed with expansion joints these will remain visible. We will fill them about 60-80% with a flexible caulk designed for use with our polymer coatings. This seals off any cracks at the bottom and creates a cushion for any future movement in the concrete.