Finish your garage and increase your home’s resale value

If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, chances are you have probably already made a list of home improvement projects you intend to tackle. Many homeowners tend to focus on key areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and for good reason. These rooms are high selling points; any real estate agent will tell you to make these spaces a priority. One area that people too often neglect is the garage. It may come as a surprise, but a finished garage can actually have an impact on your home’s equity and market value. Why? Well, the times have changed and these spaces are no longer considered trivial. Most people want to have enough room to park their vehicles and for storage purposes.

Just like that shiny kitchen and that sparkling bathroom, however, a dirty and dysfunctional garage can be a real turn-off for buyers. It is important to stress that a finished garage is one that is comfortable. A sealed floor, lighting and heating are all key features you will want to include. The goal is to make the space as warm and inviting as possible. Basically, you don’t want buyers to think of the garage as a “garage.” Think of it as an extension of your home. There are a number of things you can do finish off your garage, though, so here is a list to help you get started. Be sure to evaluate your budget and start with the priorities. You can always perform add-ons later, so start with the big-ticket items that will make an impact.

How to Finish Your Garage
•Take care of that concrete floor; this is by far one of the most important components of finishing a garage. An Ultimate Interiors and Coatings garage floor solution will make the space cleaner and safer. Cracks and an uneven surface are unsightly safety hazards.
•Drywall, insulate and paint the walls; this will make your garage warmer and more inviting. Think about it; buyers will be thrilled at the thought of coming home to a heated garage in the dead of winter. It is important to think about why a finished garage is important to understand where the value comes into play.
•Create a designated work area; build or install a work bench and hang pegboards and shelving that can be used to hold tools and equipment. For most people, the garage doubles as a shop, so don’t neglect to add this feature.
•Make room for ample storage; installing floating shelves and overhead storage can make a big difference. More room in the garage means less room inside the house.

It cannot be overstated. If you want to make your home stand out on the market and land the sale, you will need to spend a little money on your unfinished garage. The great thing about finishing a garage is that the return on investment is always high.

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