6 critical mistakes when buying garage cabinets

1. Will your new Cabinets withstand a harsh Garage Environment?

Using heavy duty cabinet material is a must when considering storage units in your garage. Garage cabinets are subject to heavy, wet, and harsh items that can beat up your investment over time. Using thin pressboard material will only result in the homeowner having to reinvest in the garage again and again. Your cabinets should be made of ¾” inch sides and 1” inch shelves and bottoms and tops.

2. Longevity has much to do with the cabinet backing. Don’t be misled!
One common way companies save money and keep costs low is by using no backing board or a thin lightweight backing. However as any skilled craftsman would attest the majority of the weight in a cabinet is supported by the backing. We use ¼” inch backing that is dado-grooved into the sides, and we also use nailer supports that cut weight capacity by more than 50%.

3. A sturdy box is only as strong as its weakest link and screws are no exception.
Our cabinets are held together with the toughest “Confirmat” screws ensuring stability, as opposed to Cam Locks or other fastening options that are inferior. Confirmat screws are designed specifically to be used with processed-wood materials. Cam Locks are generally used to fasten low-grade, do-it-yourself box-store furniture, or closet cabinets.

4. Just how harmful are your cabinets to the environment?
Insist on a cabinet manufacturer that mandates Zero to Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) cabinets for all lines to ensure the highest indoor air quality to protect the health of a homeowner and their loved ones. We ensure our products are environmentally friendly and compliant.

5. How confident are you that the cabinet will not rip off the wall?
Having a strong cabinet is only half the battle. Attaching the cabinet to the wall, and keeping it up there so it doesn’t rip off and damage cars, property or even worse you or a family member We use strong, all steel construction hardware and 4” connection screws with over 250lbs of sheer weight capacity per screw.

6. Are they willing to back it up with a LIFETIME WARRANTY?
Not a limited warranty, not a fine print warranty, we use a LIFETIME WARRANTY

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